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JoannaJoanna Jones

One day when Joanna was asked what her job was, she replied, “I’m an academic enhancer with internal motivation.” Throughout her 37 years of teaching, she has challenged learners to think. She enjoys watching the sparkle in the eyes of her students as they understand new information.

Joanna is an author, educator, poet, and consultant. She has encouraged children and teachers to write. Now, she is taking more time to do her own writing.

Joanna grew up in Redfield, South Dakota. The Carnegie Library just a half mile from her home was a wonderful place to explore the children’s collection. The love of reading was enhanced when at bedtime, her mother read books aloud to her brother and her. Today, she walks her dog in the morning, wishes on stars at night, and reads whenever she can.

In college, Joanna studied to be a teacher and a librarian. Her family life and career took her across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before she returned to the Black Hills of South Dakota. At Arizona State University, Joanna completed her doctorate that documented the value of the teacher-librarian partnership in the educational setting. She has presented on a variety of literacy topics at state, regional, and national conferences. Internationally, Joanna has presented in Portugal, Scotland, New Zealand, and China.

Teaching children’s literature, young adult literature, reading methods, and language arts methods at college, allowed Joanna to share authors and illustrators in multiple reading and writing settings.  She has also taught in elementary school and middle school as well as teaching in a gifted program. Joanna served on the South Dakota Prairie Pasque, Prairie Bud committee that reviews about 200 books per year to select the yearly state recommended list of books for children.

Joanna Jones loves to read and talk about books.

NancyNancy Cartwright

I was born in Ipswich, SD in December1946. I lived on our family farm until I was 9 years old. My father started working at the Homestake Mine in Lead, SD in 1954. Our family moved to Lead a year later. My father continued to farm on the weekends. My father published a book about his family from 1794 to 1965. Through his example, I learned my love of history; he was always reading about the area.

In 1965, I started working at the Franklin Hotel as a waitress for Dorothy and Mel Hoherz. Dorothy was the daughter of Al Treber, a Deadwood pioneer. I was introduced to the culture and history of Deadwood at this time. I worked at the restaurant as I put myself through college and continued to work there during my first teaching jobs. In 1976, I moved to Arizona and was a stay-at-home Mom with my three children. 

In 1984, as a single parent, I moved with my three boys back to Lead where I started working at the Franklin Hotel again. In the dining room, I worked for French and Taffy Bryan. From there, I became a front desk manager. During my employment at the Franklin Hotel, I visited with many pioneers of the Deadwood area and soaked up all the history.

Today, I am an elementary librarian for the Lead-Deadwood Elementary School and work with Black Hills Central Reservations. Using my love of history at the Black Hills Central Reservations I have planned many excursions in the area for vacationers. I specialize in writing itineraries for my guests. I share my knowledge of the area by suggesting scenic drives and historic sites.

Bill FeterlBill Feterl

I consider myself a traditional watercolorist.   I enjoy the challenge of painting and drawing.  Rustic images are my favorite subject matter.   Old automobiles, abandoned buildings or a broken down fence seem to grab my interest.

I have good memories as a child.  The art trends of the 1950's have influenced me.  Illustrator Norman Rockwell is a favorite of mine.  Like Mr. Rockwell, I hope my paintings will warm the hearts of viewers and take them back to a pleasant  time in their lives.  If I can bring a smile to the face of a viewer, I have done my job as an artist.

Designing and composing a piece of artwork is the first challenge all artists face when beginning a painting or any piece of work.  With good design and technique I attempt to keep a viewer's interest.

Bill is a South Dakota native, living most of his life in the Lead-Deadwood area.  As a student at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD, he began studying watercolor painting.  His education consists of a B.S. in Fine Arts  with a double major in Communication Art.   Bill is a signature member of Artists of the Black Hills and Northern Plains Watercolor Society.

Along with watercolor painting, Bill has illustrated several safety manuals and accident prevention drawings for mining companies.  The illustrations were done with pen and ink.   Producing daily pencil sketches or doodles help maintain his drawing skills.  Painting and drawing have and always will hold his attention.

Also, Bill has illustrated several coin designs.  The designs reflected the labor force of our nation.  He is familiar with producing artwork per a customer's request.  He has painted several commissions including the illustrations for the children's book Henry's Adventures at the Franklin Hotel.

Meg English
earned a masters in history at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and a doctorate in education at the University of South Dakota.  She taught in public schools and universities for twenty-five years.  Her writing has been published in newspapers, books, magazines and online.  Dr. English’s greatest pleasure is reading with her grandchildren. 

                                    FayerDr. Liz Fayer has a B.S. and M.S. in Biology and an Ed.S. and Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.  She stated about the Circle Boy book, “I was struck when reading Black Elk Speaks by the depth of his understanding of natural science.  Black Elk clearly describes the power of scientific observation that came from his true and deep connectedness to nature.  Black Elk, when working with John Neihardt on the book, clearly expresses the desire to share his knowledge and understandings when he says, ‘There is so much to teach you.  What I know was given to me for men and it is true and it is beautiful.’  I hope we have honored his wishes by creating a book that will teach young children and old alike about his gift.”

Danika Gordon
is a student at Sturgis Brown High School in Sturgis, South Dakota. She enjoys being involved in activities in her school, community and 4-H, and she hopes to inspire others to spread kindness. 

                                    Williams HayesLaurie Williams-Hayes holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a major in both Elementary Education and English Composition, and a Minor in Art. She taught for 25 years in South Dakota, Wyoming and Oregon in the areas of elementary, middle school English, Art (Kindergarten through High School), and Title 1. She has displayed and sold artwork in numerous art shows, coordinated and taught in Art After School programs, been program coordinator and member of the Spearfish Area Historical Society for 10 years. She also taught art and created sets for the Peanut Butter and Jelly Children's Theater for 6 years. She has published written works in the magazines, “Beautiful Fork” and “Backroads.” She is an artist in ArtMeetSD.


Born in 1893, Henry is the ten-year-old son of the manager for the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood, SD. He is the main character in Henry's Adventure at the Franklin Hotel. His prize possession is the wooden horse his grandfather carved for him.

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