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Teacher Materials for Henry’s Adventure at the Franklin Hotel

After enjoying the book, try some of these activities: construct a story map, identify fact and fiction, write comparisons, develop an alphabet book, compose poetry, write letters, and take a quiz.
To track the characters and action of the story, a blank story map is provided.
In order to identify fact and fiction items and actions from the story, a blank fact and fiction page is presented, as well as a fact and fiction answer key. The answer key is not exhaustive.
For writing comparisons between the services and customs available at the Franklin Hotel in 1903 and today, blank pages are available for the hotel and the lobby. Also a generic t-chart template is provided.
Using four sheets of 8 ˝” x 11” paper, an Alphabet book can be constructed. The front cover is a view of the front of the hotel. An alphabet page is provided for the draft ideas from the story that can be included in the student’s alphabet book. A draft of an alphabet list for the Alphabet book is provided; the list is not exhaustive.
For writing poetry about the story, an acrostic poetry page is available. Other words may be substituted for the words on the acrostic page provided. A generic cinquain poetry template and cinquain examples are also provided.
After reading the story, a friendly letter could be written to Grandpa. A business letter could be written to the Franklin Hotel . Samples are provided. A friendly letter checklist and an envelope template are included.
A multiple choice quiz is available for the story. It may be used as an Accelerated Reader Quiz with a level of 4.6 worth one point.
Summary of attached files refered to above is listed below.
In addition all can be downloaded as a single zip file.

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